Modified Pilates

Modified Pilates consists of standing and matwork exercises designed to promote core stability. It works on flexibility and endurance with postural and body awareness and to correct muscle imbalances.

Designed especially for people who have or have had pain or injuries. It retrains the core stabilising muscles to treat and help prevent the recurrence of pain. A stable core is essential for maintaining correct posture, good control of movement and balance of the whole body.

The aim of Modified Pilates is to teach the core muscles to hold pelvic and spinal alignment while moving the limbs to help eliminate abnormal patterns of movement and to aid daily functional activities. Exercises are gradually progressed and can be modified further to suit individuals.

Our classes are friendly and suitable for all abilities. An effective way to manage your injury and reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

Whether recovering from surgery, illness, back injury or sports injury, our class will improve your core stability and functional movement.

We always encourage an initial assessment and 1 to 1 before attending the class.

40 Minutes

maximum 2 people


60 Minutes



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