Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is beneficial to anyone looking to promote soft tissue health, whether that is due to an injury or physical training or postural stress.

Massage Therapy Specialist

Aidan is our massage therapist and is a registered Associate Physiotherapist. He has worked alongside Seamus and Lesley for 4 years, benefitting from their extensive experience in private practice. Aidan is trained in the use of manual therapy techniques, exercise therapy and therapeutic ultrasound.

On your first session, a medical history will be taken, a plan agreed and treatment commenced.


Soft Tissue Release

Soft Tissue Release Techniques (massage) to release tightness and adhesions in muscle, fascia, tendons and ligaments.


Gua Sha

An ancient Chinese healing therapy where a hand held Gua Sha tool is used to improve circulation, break down scar tissue and release fascial restrictions in soft tissues.


Tui Na Massage

Defined as ‘the ancient healing art of fingers and strength’. Tui Na is carried out through a towel or clothes and uses various lifting, stretching, pushing and grasping massage techniques.


You will be offered advice on the use of ice, stretching and exercise to get the maximum benefit from your massage therapy treatment.


40 Minute Appointment


Massage is a treatment which aims to relax, revive and heal the body. Using manual hands-on movements and manipulation of the soft tissues and muscles in the body, massage therapy works to promote healing and enhance a person’s overall

There are many forms of massage therapy, each with their own benefits. No longer is massage thought of as a luxury, only available to those who can afford it. Treatment is available for anyone, whether for relaxation purposes, for sports recovery or for
pain relief.

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