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We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic and would like to assure you that we will operate in full compliance with current Government, Public Health England and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy guidelines relating to COVID-19.

Appointments are now available to book online or by telephone. 

Lesley, Seamus, Stephen and Aidan

‘If you’re suffering with muscle pain during lockdown, I would highly recommend a telephone consultation with McCallion Physiotherapy.

My pain got so bad that I couldn’t go for my daily walk. After suffering for a few weeks I finally booked a consultation with Lesley. Even through FaceTime I got a thorough examination and lots of advice, as well as many resources and a useful summary of everything that we’d discussed. Brilliant service! Now I’m feeling a lot better – I wish I’d called earlier!’

‘After our daughter dislocated her knee we took her to hospital and received great treatment but were told because of the current situation we’d have to do rehabilitation at home. After a couple of days we contacted Lesley as we had used her before and knew she would be able to guide us on what to do as we were concerned about doing the right thing to limit further damage – Lesley was not only considerate, professional and helpful but gave her time and was so flexible to help us at a worrying time to make sure we did the right thing to get our daughter not only mobile but to strengthen the leg to make sure there were no future problems. We are so grateful for the virtual physio sessions, which were so personal considering there was no actual physical contact. We have found these sessions to be of great help to our daughter who after three weeks is walking unaided- something I wouldn’t have envisaged so soon especially without Lesley’s help. We are so grateful and delighted with the service we received thanks again.’

‘Thank you very much for the easy booking system, the prompt service via whatever platform I wanted, (ended up with FaceTime which really helped), and the actual appointment was for as long as I needed with no rush to finish within a certain time. I also very much appreciated the links, texts and exercises you sent through over the last few days including me being able to text you with some follow up questions. I couldn’t be more pleased with your service and help. Thank you.’ 

McCallion Physiotherapy

We are experienced therapists who can accurately diagnose and treat your injury. We bring a wealth of knowledge and know-how to your individual problem and our holistic approach has evolved though over 25 years in practice.

McCallion Pilates

Lead by Physiotherapists with a special interest in the benefits of core strength exercise to manage musculoskeletal problems. Classes are exclusively for patients, friendly and suitable for all abilities.


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About us

McCallion Physiotherapy offers a professional physiotherapy and massage therapy service from experienced practitioners.

We have a reputation for successfully treating a wide range of musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries.

To complement our physiotherapy service, we offer Modified Pilates and also work closely with our Massage Therapist.

A professional and personal approach, tailoring treatments to suit the individual needs of each of our patients.

McCallion Physio Services


The aim of physiotherapy is to help restore normal physical, psychological and social well-being following injury, illness or disease.


Massage therapy is beneficial to anyone looking to promote soft tissue health, whether that is due to an injury or physical training or postural stress. 


Modified Pilates consists of standing and matwork exercises designed to promote core stability.  

Why McCallion Physiotherapy Should Be Your Go To Therapists.

We Have Experience

We have years of clinical experience. We have worked within hospitals, elite sporting environments and have an established physiotherapy practice built on recommendations.

We Are Focussed On You

We want to fully understand your symptoms and how they affect you in your day to day living. All of our appointments are 40minutes which gives us time to listen, form a plan and treat using hands-on techniques.

We give lots of advice on self-management giving you the confidence to be part of the solution to your problem.

We Have Empathy

We have experienced injury and illness so can empathise with your frustrations and your concerns, helping you build confidence through self-management and rehabilitation.

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